Our Rainbow Doors

Our Rainbow Doors bearing the phrase, "God's Doors Are Open To All," and painted in the same colors as the LGBTQ Pride Flag were a gift to us from our former minister, Rev. Laura McLeod.  Rev. McLeod used the gifts of these doors:

  • to remind us to boldly stand in solidarity with the LGBTQ & Orlando communities after the Pulse Nightclub tragedy,

  • to visibly represent our Open And Affirming (ONA) congregation, and

  • to encourage us all to let love be stronger than hate!

Borrow Our Doors

We would love to see other congregations embrace the ONA designation and offer an extravagant welcome to our LGBTQ friends and families.  We'll even let you borrow our Rainbow Doors!

Borrow Our Doors Resources


You can follow the adventures of our Rainbow Doors on social media and check out the places they've been displayed on our map!

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