hope Affinity Group

1st and 3rd Sundays, 5:30-6:30pm

Cochrane Fellowship Hall

- - time together will include - -

worship facilitated by Pastor Micah

a light meal



(*as fitting)

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hope Affinity Group is and will be...

  • a safe space for LGBTQ persons and their allies {you are not wrong & you are loved}

  • open to ALL ages {yes, this means noisy grandparents or kids}

  • embracing searching hearts, curious minds, and a passion for a "just world for all" {pretty sure we have more questions than answers}

  • encouraging action {mayhap, defiant deeds of love}

  • exploring faith through progressive theology {choose love}

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Why the big deal about ONA?

The UCC Center for Analytics, Research and Data found that in 2018, ONA (Open and Affirming) churches:

  • have, on average, 31% more members than non-ONA churches

  • reported 33% higher average worship attendance than non-ONA churches


And yet, a recent GLAAD study found that for the first time in four years, there is a marked decline in LGBTQ acceptance across studied categories and that "anti-LGBT rhetoric and sentiment was on the rise in 2017."


It's not enough to just say we are ONA, we must live out ONA following the examples of Jesus teachings and actions that were counter-cultural, blatantly contra to the status quo, likely wildly uncomfortable, but holy (pun intended) centered on "stirring up one another to love and good works!"

  1. Does Your Church Welcome LGBTQ People? - one LGBTQ mother's response to this frequently asked question and her plea to "to be treated fairly, equally, and to have church communities that supports that pursuit."

  2. 7 Biblical Reasons for Churches to Be Open and Affirming

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