Andy's Quilters

Ohio Star Quilt

Each time a family member is baptized into the Delavan UCC (Congregational), they are presented with a small Star Quilt.  These quilts are hand-quilted as special gifts and each one contains a special touch of the individual who completes it.


Andy's Quilters uses the Ohio Star as the pattern for the quilts, which holds special meaning to our church family.  The Ohio Star pattern is used to commemorate the life of Andy Himebauch.  Andy was a fine musician, beloved member of his community, and a Delavan UCC youth.  At the time of his death, at age 16 from a car accident, Andy used an Ohio Star patterned quilt on his bed.  Andy's mother, Chris, guided the quilting group's learning of this pattern and the tradition of using the Ohio Star for our baptismal quilts was begun.


The Ohio Star pattern is a staple for generations of quilters and the official quilt block of the state of Ohio. All 50 states have their own quilt block named after the state.  Some examples are: Alaska Homestead, Arkansas Crossroads, Colorado Beauty, Maine Lobster, Missouri Daisy, and the Pennsylvania Parade.  The Star can be quilted in multiple fabrics of prints, plaids, and scenes,  but always in the shape of the star. Historically it was extremely popular with the Scottish and Irish immigrants of the Midwest and is found in many Amish quilts.

Prayer Shawls

When not making Ohio Star baptismal quilts, Andy's Quilters also knits or crochets prayer shawls.  These shawls are given to congregation members who are ill, home-bound, hospitalized, or in group living settings.  It is a way for us to wrap our church family in symbolic arms of love and spiritual support.